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Our aim --
Black Talon all the members of the purpose and mission is "to protect customers and the protection of client assets," Every time we sent out and the execution of its mandate will bear to remember; customer's safety first, their own for the post.
Black Talon introduction --
Black Talon <Hong Kong Institute of Vocational bodyguards services> by a new generation of security Ltd. bodyguards branch out a specialized team to provide customers with the professional protection services. In recent years, their professional image has become a rare new bodyguards industry forces, but also a number of local and foreign private sector or company officials earmarked for Hong Kong's bodyguard service teams.
The company's professional bodyguards, security companies and the general bodyguards much different, the company's bodyguard team members are from the Hong Kong Government members of the disciplined services departments; mainly active auxiliary police officers led by a small number of retired police officers and retired from the discipline Force members, active and retired members of the Auxiliary Police Force have received professional training (including: crowd control, traffic control, anti-riot training, safety management, first aid, legal knowledge, VIP protection, weapons, etc.), exercise training and more important is to have senior experience, compared to local or non-local staff and security guards or bodyguards, more professional, excellent character, excellent strength.
Whether it is generally close protection, family protection, the company officials or high-risk protection of the witness protection, VIP / celebrity protection, BLACK TALON 11 can professionally deal with and complete the task.
The Company also provides long-term and short-term 24-hour security protection services,
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To prevent a premeditated attack, like including; company directors, individual customers, the court witnesses, enterprise operators, spouses and children, celebrities / artists, athletes, people of different races, different religious leaders and international travel or business.
Why did you choose BLACK TALON --
Black Talon is in active service by a large majority of the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force and retired members of the disciplined services, composed of a private professional bodyguard service team, they are professional and rigorous training, any time, place or even any sudden unpredictable incident, we have a superior capacity, rapid organizational capacity, high efficiency strain, its professional level is no less than all the usual local and non-local security company.
Black Talon <Hong Kong Institute of Vocational bodyguards services> their professional image, have slowly formed in the local industry a few bodyguards of new forces.
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Protecting People and Assets Nationally & Internationally - That is Our Mission Statement
保護客戶和客戶的財產 - 這我們的任務
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