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Black Talon <Hong Kong Professional BodyGuards Services>
Black Talon is in active service by a large majority of the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force and retired members of the disciplined services, composed of a private professional bodyguard service team, they are professional and rigorous training, any time, place or even any sudden unpredictable incident, we have a superior capacity, rapid organizational capacity, high efficiency strain, its professional level is no less than all the usual local and non-local security company.
Black Talon <Hong Kong Institute of Vocational bodyguards services> their professional image, have slowly formed in the local industry a few bodyguards of new forces.
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                   Personal Protection
                  Court Escorts
                 Corproate Security
                Executive Protection
               Family Protection
              Function Security
             Airport Protection
            Security Advisors
                VIP's & Celebrity Protection
                VIP'S & Celebrity Services
Protecting People and Assets Nationally & Internationally - That is Our Mission Statement
保護客戶和客戶的財產 - 這我們的任務
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